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I know there are lot of them but as I don’t have any experience of using the platforms for me would be helpful to know the main details. Unfortunately, the Thomas Kralow university-grade trading education program does not have a mobile app. However, the on-demand course content can be accessed on mobile devices through a web browser. Trading students that enroll in the Assisted or Assisted Plus programs have access to additional support in the form of a personal assistant. Assistants can answer specific questions on the course content and are available for 30 days after graduating from the course. Our team were pleased to see an increasing number of testimonials from other users about this program.

  1. I have recently started taking Thomas’s classes.
  2. The demand is increasing very fast; therefore, seats are limited, and the prices will increase.
  3. The strategy has been tested by time and market fluctuations, so any trader will always be to trade any market.
  4. In addition to studying technical analysis and trading psychology, we will study the features of trading on Forex and cryptocurrency markets and we will practice a lot.

Thomas does not believe in chat rooms because they are mostly used by the owners to manipulate the markets and scam people out of their money. Thomas has created the Kralow Trading Community for the sole purpose of sharing experiences and interacting with fellow traders. So there will be no non-sense investment advice in there. The main difference of this program, compared to online trading courses, is high profitability with relatively low risks. The strategy has been tested by time and market fluctuations, so any trader will always be to trade any market. The trading strategy taught by Thomas Kralow works within absolutely any market and does not depend on any particular timeframe.

There will be a lot of practical assignments throughout the program but with a demo account of your choice. Thomas will not force you to open an account with any broker. And there will be no real money trading until you are ready. If you decide to trade with real money in the middle of the program, so be it. First, you must make sure that you know what you are doing, and only then you should start with a small trading deposit. Thomas is a professional individual with a sophisticated trading strategy.

I prepare my students to face the brutal realities of the financial markets

The Complete trading course consists of 202 complete lessons arranged into 16 distinct chapters. According to the experiences of our students, even those whose level before training in the program was equal to zero – achieved the desired results. Thomas Kralow provides a lot of simple training solutions for beginners; therefore, anyone can succeed in the financial markets. All it takes is persistence and proper mentorship. Knowledge is built brick by brick so you could get a full picture. Be patient, do not skip homework, put as much effort as it needs and you will get results you expected.

Thomas Kralow processes your account and payment information securely using high levels of safeguarding to protect user data from unauthorised access. Thomas also publishes new videos daily to his YouTube channel, where he shares valuable insights, tips and thomas karlow tricks, as well as live trades. This is a good perk, allowing you to follow his journey and learn from his videos for free. Frequently cited in Bloomberg and NASDAQ, he is a self-made millionaire and one of the leading crypto influencers in the world.

The diploma has a GPA score of up to 4.0 based on performance in quizzes (40%), practical assignments (30%) and the final exam (30%). However, we suggest you choose from the ‘Complete’ or ‘Shortened’ programs, as the ‘Basic’ program contains just two chapters and is only an introduction to the main program. The Basic program is designed for complete beginners that may feel overwhelmed by the more advanced topics covered in the other two courses.

Exceptional Mentorship in Trading

People tend to spend a minimal amount of time on education and just jump into trading with real money. Of course, they will lose it all fast and later say that trading is gambling. Its really not, but for someone who is treating it like a real job and not a hobby. The complete program contains 14 chapters, and the shortened program contains 13 chapters. Both programs are practically identical except for one chapter.


I was in doubt if it can be possible to trade with indicators and levels successfully but stats prove it when rules are followed which is most important. Overall it was the best learning programme that I have done so far. However, it could be much better if Thomas broadcast regularly live trading events. The market is constantly changing, sometimes daily.

Therefore, you will have a lot more free time if you end up going for the investing strategies. We liked that all of the academy’s trading learning programs, including the trading psychology segments, can be saved for free with a simple PDF download for later use, reading and referral. It will be up to you, but Thomas will recommend that you first complete the program.

Once you master the skill of “explaining the market,” you will be free to trade any structure of any market on any given day

And you might expect to make 20-30% per year if you are lucky, which is almost pointless with a small trading deposit of $3,000 or even $25,000. But there is a positive side – the amount of risk. There is a lot less risk involved in long term investment strategies. And yes, a lot of people lose a lot of money day trading. But the positive aspect is that its enough to start with 1,000. But again, it is really easy to lose money in day trading.

Thomas Kralow Review 2024

Those who wish to sign up for the newsletter have to give their first name, email address and, strangely, their phone number. Given what we have learned about the company’s privacy policy, traders may want to look elsewhere for market news. The course is assessed and graduates will receive a Thomas Kralow university-style diploma upon finishing their final exam.

The Thomas Kralow basic trading course is a 21-day program with two chapters containing 20 lessons, 19 interactive quizzes and 7 practical assignments. The ASSISTED Plus option includes one on one sessions with Thomas Kralow. During those sessions, Thomas Kralow will answer all your questions, offer feedback on your trades, and will review your trading algorithm.

However, having proper education will enable you to avoid every possible pitfall. That is why I always say that the technical aspects of trading are significant. But without, for example, correct psychology, absolutely any profitable trading system will be useless. In addition to studying technical analysis and trading psychology, we will study the features of trading on Forex and cryptocurrency markets and we will practice a lot. There are a lot of topics to study, that’s why our program is designed for 120 days. As a full-time trader, you would need to be in front of the screens when you trade at all times.

Thomas Kralow will tell you the pros and cons of trading in wast number of markets, and you will choose the one that is right for you. The Thomas Kralow privacy policy reveals that the company are willing to sell personally identifiable information to selected third parties for marketing and sales. Prospective students should make sure they are willing to be contacted by other companies before giving personal information such as their email or home address to the platform. While user accounts are password-protected, payment information is not entered through a secure portal that would ensure full encryption and maximum security. Instead, students must input sensitive card information through a form on the, albeit secure, main site. For trading and educational platforms, security is one of the most common worries for clients.

And to the fact that all learning material is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But you need to do this competently and without undue risk. Giving risk management and money management the utmost respect. Trading small volumes at the very beginning of your trading journey is absolutely normal, and even recommended. It is the best way to learn and polish your trading skills. If you have not decided which market to trade or want to change – problem.

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