A Guide to Chatbot Marketing: Examples, Uses & Benefits

Everything You Need To Know About Chatbot Marketing

chatbot marketing

This is because digital assistants simplify the process of generating leads. They engage with website visitors and collect essential information. Opinions run the gamut from fear — “What’ll it be like to entrust my customer service to a computer?

  • For example, when a chatbot asks users why they’re visiting your page, this automated interaction can help customers find what they want and nudge them towards converting.
  • Mobile Monkey is one of several visual style bot creation platforms, available, and is specific to Facebook Messenger.
  • This constant interaction keeps customers engaged with your brand, and before they know it, they’re busting a move on the dance floor…
  • Chatbot marketing is a marketing technique that employs computer programs to automate interactions with prospects and customers, either on your website or in your app, for the purpose of generating sales.
  • By operating round-the-clock, chatbots also provide immediate responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

They can send reminders, share updates, and build anticipation with sneak peeks. And when the lights come on, and the event is over, they’re still there, gathering feedback, sharing highlights, and keeping the connection alive with relevant content. Here is one example of a marketing chatbot from Impulse Creative, where the company has used its WayfinderBot to distribute its content. Chatbots can share updates, send reminders about unread articles, and even follow up on previously shared content. This constant interaction keeps customers engaged with your brand, and before they know it, they’re busting a move on the dance floor…

The benefits of chatbot marketing

To learn more about using the Messenger chatbot effectively, watch this free one-hour webinar. You can create sponsored messages in Facebook Ads Manager, but instead of the Click to Messenger option, click the Sponsored Messages as your Messages destination. Also, test your messages on small sample sizes and send only your best-performing messages to larger groups. Be sure that your brand voice in messages is consistent with your brand, but do account for the differences in channels. You can easily segment your Facebook Messenger contacts into custom audiences and then vary your messages to each audience segment.

chatbot marketing

Do you want to improve your customer service and provide 24/7 support to your customers? Chatbot marketing is a technique that is leveraged by businesses to promote products and services with the help of chatbots. The field has gained extreme popularity post the profusion of the technologies such as conversational AI (in turn fueled by the rise in NLU). Chatbots for marketing prompt customers to leave reviews and share feedback. Chatbot for business makes it easier to collect valuable feedback from users. In this article, we will explore the benefits of marketing chatbots in more detail and provide chatbot examples used by businesses to achieve success through marketing.


Some chatbots are limited in their understanding of the human conversation and only follow pre-mapped conversation flows. To maximise the usefulness of your chatbot, you will need to define your FAQs. To do this, you’ll need to look at the most common difficulties, questions, and concerns that your customers have for your business. You can do this by analysing the customer data you already have, sending out a customer survey and getting feedback from your customer operations team. You don’t need to hire any more people, chatbots work without a salary and are available 24/7. The incredible cost-saving and lead or sale generation from a chatbot usually results from a one-time investment, which will allow you to fulfil your business goals and objectives long-term.

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You can use them to engage your customers with outbound marketing as well. Emerging technology is constantly changing how businesses market their products and services, which means that companies must remain adaptable to stay competitive. At Valasys Media we plug and play the best-in-class data-intelligent services to serve phenomenal customer experiences and blend and back those up with a perfect culture reverence, and empathetic approach. Our services help in the furtherance of sales pipeline management in ways that maximize the bottom line conversions for our clients. Chatbots can be used to collect email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, and credit card details. Once you have collected this information from a chatbot, it will automatically send out a message to the person asking for their details so that they don’t miss out on future gifts from your business.

This is essential because demographics differ for each social network. For example, social media demographics show Gen Z and Millennials made a shift from using to Instagram and make up two-thirds of Instagram users. Whatever the case, being mindful of what you’d like to accomplish as you begin to build out the user experience can lead to a faster, more successful outcome. If you visit our pricing page, our bot will pop up almost immediately, asking how we can help. Answer the questions, and you’ll be offered a suggestion for the plan that fits you best, plus the opportunity to chat with someone from our team to learn more. To be able to show off your success, you have to collect customer feedback — something, most don’t offer so readily.


If you’re using a bot to change an airline reservation, the bot should know if you have an unused credit on your account and whether you typically pick the aisle or window seat. Artificial intelligence will continue to radically shape this front, but a bot should connect with your current systems so a shared contact record can drive personalization. David Nelson, CEO of Motion AI, explains how bots decipher context to deliver solutions in the most efficient way possible. But, if you’re able to provide actual value in the places they already spend their time, everything changes. All any buyer wants is the most direct line between their problem and a solution. However, in recent years, things have changed as banks find it tough…

They can then use that information to provide highly personalized responses to individual customers. As you might expect, rule-based bots have a limited number of possible responses. But they can respond to common questions and can save your customer service agents some time.

However, chatbots have become the latest addition to the list of platforms that help you book a flight for your journey. Chatbots for marketing purposes have the potential to help you grow much faster, and at the same time, one wrong move can water everything down. Enable the bots to solve customers’ problems instead of making it more colorful or visually appealing. As long as it can actively help your customers, nobody will care how “smart” it looks. Healthcare and therapy (Woebot Therapy), real estate, hotel, finance and insurance, etc. are all using AI marketing.

For instance, you can utilize chatbots to lead customers down the sales funnel, from prospect to purchase – all in a single conversation. This increases customer engagement and makes consumers more likely to complete purchases or check out additional products and services. The right chatbot marketing tactics can boost your conversions and enhance your customer experience. Many of the tools we mentioned earlier include the option for two button-based responses, which are perfectly suited for the mobile-first experiences of social media bots. We ended up researching a number of different world-class chatbot experiences to learn from. Here is a list of 10 lessons for anyone about to get into chatbot marketing — like us.

chatbot marketing

But if the customer used keywords not recognized by the chatbot, they would be invited to rephrase their question. A chatbot may feature the latest ones each time someone enters the website. Chat programs may also help promote other media, such as videos and podcasts. You can set your chatbot to request feedback automatically whenever customers make a purchase. Consequently, it would feel natural to customers, so they are more likely to comment. However, posting a reminder on your homepage isn’t reliable, and asking customer service reps to remind users may inconvenience clients.

Create more compelling messages by including emojis, images or animated GIFs to your chatbot conversation. Not only does media bring more personality to your messages, but it also helps reinforce the messages you send and increase conversation conversion rates. Customers don’t always know where to go to find the information they’re seeking. By asking a series of qualifying questions, you can route users to the best place for them to find the information they want. This may also include support beyond sales such as delivery tracking and refunds.

chatbot marketing

The whole thing depends on how much your brand is worth and how smooth the chatbot experience is. Chatbots are on-site guides for customers and can almost provide every support. Even if the customer doesn’t text, a bot can track their activity and hit them up with relevant details. For instance, chatbots can send the price and color details of all the shirts instock from the same brand the customer was searching through.

chatbot marketing

Content marketing involves posting online materials to increase customer reach. Nowadays, chatbot marketing facilitates this strategy by promoting media further. For example, Inquirer Tech needs to spread awareness about its latest articles. Nowadays, artificial intelligence bots are advanced enough to summarize feedback.

Moreover, various industry verticals, such as IT and ITeS, telecom, healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, and BFSI, are adopting chatbot tools to resolve customers’ queries quickly. Chatbots can give you infinite possibilities to improve your business performance. Your business will indeed have a top-notch marketing strategy by driving engaging conversations and building trust with your audience via chatbot. If you want to implement a chatbot marketing strategy, you will need to work with a specialist company that can create a customized chatbot for your business. Domino`s Pizza has invested in a marketing chatbot that eases the process of buying a pizza online.

  • Chatbots can monitor user data to analyze consumer behavior and track purchasing patterns.
  • Before launching a chatbot, try it yourself and share it with colleagues and friends.
  • As you can see from our multi-location clients, SOCi SmartBot can help improve your chatbot marketing, generate more leads, and improve your customer support.
  • This is achieved right from the design phase by ensuring the marketing chatbot only handles the functionalities that the target audience value the most.
  • A well-constructed chatbot can assess the interest of the potential client and his or her stage in the customer journey.
  • For example, you can set up your chatbot so visitors are empowered to raise their own hands and let you know what they need — just like this example from Gong.

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